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Below are some hand-picked, premium domain names that are owned by our clients. Our clients have given us exclusive rights to represent them and they have asked that you contact us to discuss any of these domain names, as they do not wish to be personally involved in the negotiations. 

If your business is trading solely in Australia, a premium domain name is going to be the way to go. If the .com  and is also available, it is worthwhile registering those too.

With a premium domain name, you are well-positioned to rapidly accelerate your business growth.

Your website will also be well-positioned to organically climb higher on Google.

What is my domain name worth? To receive an estimate, contact us today via the enquiry form at the bottom of this page. 

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Available DomainMonthly AU Google SearchesKeywords,400Neuro-linguistic programming,600Civil,400Racking,300Eyewear to work,600mba online,800bungalows,600christmas cake,400corporate health driving school,500dog adoption docks gifts,100house boats for sale,900invisible braces,000jet ski license,000jet ski licensing party supplies,600manual handling cash loans,600rsa courses,400perth family lawyers,300adelaide teeth whitening slip,100blinds and curtains,600car detailing gold coast,900car detailing perth hire perth,300cricket balls,400day spa perth,300driving lessons sydney school gold coast,900family portrait aid sydney courses sydney,900melbourne cleaners,400melbourne office cleaning,000melbourne pool tables tax returns,400reverse osmosis water filter course melbourne online,000tipper truck hire,000water filter cartridges,300laser eye surgery melbourne hand and feet casting perth free cookies free hampers sydney tiles drop tuners alarm system signage and chairs

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Can’t afford to BUY a Premium Domain Name?

Our clients are sometimes open to doing a JV or leasing their domains with fully functional lead-generation websites!



Local Domain Brokers is owned by Heath Sikkema, who is based in Perth, Western Australia. Having been heavily involved in online marketing and the web design industry for more than 13 years, Heath has bought and sold a lot of domain names and has seen the difference that owning premium domain names has made to many of his clients and their businesses. He works to provide the best opportunities and deals for his clients in the domain brokering space. If you have a domain name that you are considering selling, or would like to buy, please contact Local Domain Brokers today.

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